HP launches ‘Shakti’ app for women Safety

To ensure safety and protection of women, Himachal Pradesh chief minister Jai Ram Thakur on 26 January 2018 launched ‘Shakti App’. Any women at the time of any trouble can press the red button of the app to seek help and even if the mobile phone is shaken hard or dropped, then too an emergency SMS will go immediately to the nearest police control room within 20 seconds.

‘Shakti App’ also provides for automatic video and audio recording of the incident of assault on victim’s mobile handset, which can be later used as evidence against the offender. It also has the facility to recall the wrongly sent SMS to the police control room.

State DGP S R Mardi said that the app has been launched to help women or girls under threat of criminal or violent acts. He said as one presses the red ‘Shakti’ button, the app will send information like name, phone number location of the women or girl under attack or trouble to the police control rooms of the district concerned and central control room, where some police staff member will receive the message and direct the nearby police to provide immediate help to the victim.

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