HRD Ministry launches Atal rankings for Higher Education Institutions

The Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar on August 30, 2018, launched the Innovation Cell and Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) in New Delhi. The development aims to promote a culture of innovation and research in higher education. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that India lacks innovation, it is a challenge for India to innovate, and innovation will make it prosper. He further said that new thinking must be encouraged and every college must have an innovation cell.

Key Highlights:-
1. All recognised Indian educational institutions are eligible to participate in the ARIIA ranking.
2. The ARIIA parameters have been primarily organised in 5 broadheads, which will be further elaborated into suitable sub-heads.
3. Each broadhead will have an overall weight assigned to it and accordingly, the various subheads will be assigned appropriate weight distribution.
4. To ensure transparency in the ranking system, an attempt will be made to identify the relevant data needed to suitably measure the performance score under each sub-head.
5. The main emphasis will be on identifying the data that the institution can easily provide or which is easy to obtain from third-party sources and easily verifiable, wherever verification is necessary.
6. The overall score will be calculated based on the weights allotted to each head. The maximum value of the score will be 100.
7. The institutions will be issued ranks on the basis of their overall score.

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