IAF intercepted trespassing Georgian An-12 Aircraft

The aircraft, identified as Antonov-12 and carrying spares entered the air space into North Gujarat Sector at 3:15 pm. At the time of being intercepted, the plane was flying at 27,000 feet.

Not flying on the authorized Air Traffic Services (ATS) route, the aircraft was forced to land at Jaipur air base at 4:55 pm after it failed to respond to radio calls from Indian controlling agencies.

The AN-12 entered the Indian air space around 70 km north of an important air base in the Rann of Kutch from the air space, which is closed for civilian air traffic. Its crew is being questioned by the authorities concerned on the ground.

The heavy cargo plane was being leased by a Ukrainian engine manufacturer ‘MotorSich’, according to sources. The IAF will send its team from nearby bases to check the cargo contents of the aircraft. There has been a high alert on the air space in both India and Pakistan after the Balakot aerial strikes by the Indian Air Force in March.

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