Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins Maldives Presidential Election 2018: In Detail

The opposition candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on September 24, 2018, won the Maldives Presidential Election 2018, defeating incumbent President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, who will stay on in the presidency until his term ends on November 17, 2018.

Ibrahim Mohammad Solih is a consensus candidate of the joint opposition, which includes the Maldivian Democratic Party, the Jumhooree Party, the Adhaalat Party and former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s own faction of the Progressive Party.

As per the results announced by Maldives’ National Elections Commission, Solih fetched 58.3 per cent of the votes or 134616 ballots, compared to 41.5 per cent or 96142 votes secured by Abdul Gayoom of Progressive Party of Maldives. Solih will be sworn in as President on November 17, 2018, and his term is expected to continue until 2023. Solih will be only the sixth President in the country’s five-decade-old electoral history.

Key Highlights:-

1. In October 2008, a popular opposition movement instigated by a coalition of parties challenged the power of incumbent leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (half-brother of Yameen Abdul Gayoom), forcing him to hold the Maldives’ first multiparty presidential vote.
2. In the country’s first free elections, Mohamed Nasheed, backed by a coalition of opposition parties, defeated Gayoom in a runoff and became the Maldives’ first freely elected president in 2008. Two years later, the international watchdog Freedom House listed the country as an electoral democracy for the first time.
3. However, in 2012, Nasheed was forced to resign from the office following a police mutiny and a political turmoil in the country better known for its exotic honeymoon resorts.
4. It was Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s election as President in 2013 that ended the political turmoil. However, this trouble only intensified under Yameen.

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