ICC World Cup 2019: 1st Time an Anti corruption officer for each team

For the first time in world cup history, each participating team at upcoming ICC World Cup 2019 will have a dedicated anti-corruption officer attached with it. The move is to deliver a corruption-free tournament.

Now, the same anti-corruption official will be assigned to a team from warm-up matches (start of the competition) till the end of the competition. They will be staying in the same hotel as that of players and also traveling with them to training and matches.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will attach an anti-corruption official to all the 10 participating teams. The officer will be with each team starting from warm-up matches till the end of World cup tournament.

The move is aimed at delivering a corruption and fixing free World Cup. By being with teams throughout the competition, it is possible that officials would be in a better position to spot any potential corruptors who lurk might near players or back-room staff and thus identify any behavior that may seem suspicious to them.

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