IKEA opens first Hej Home in India at Hyderabad

IKEA, the Swedish furnishing retailer, on 22 November 2017 opened its first experiential centre Ikea Hej (Hello) Home close to the IT hub of Hyderabad and their upcoming first store in the country. The Hej Home provides some insight into Ikea products and solutions which its future customers can actually buy when the store opens in India at Hyderabad early 2018.

Ikea Hej Home reflects its understanding of life at home in India and its unique home furnishing solutions for homes. It also gives a peek into IKEA’s long-standing relationship with India, its history and philanthropic activities. It showcases the IKEA food and room settings based on its learnings of Life at Home in Hyderabadi families, especially those living with children.

At Ikea Hej Home visitors can connect sign up for its loyalty programme, through which our customers can participate in many activities even before the store opens. IKEA also looks forward to connecting with potential future coworkers, especially the women in Hyderabad. IKEA has a commitment to hire 50% women coworkers at all levels in India. As the IKEA experience cannot be complete without food, visitors can also get a glimpse of the IKEA Food and taste Swedish and Indian delicacies that will be sold in the IKEA store’s 1,000 seat restaurant, one of the largest in the world.

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