India forms committee to reform higher defence planning

The Union Government on April 18, 2018 formed a new integrated institutional mechanism, Defence Planning Committee (DPC) to reform the process of higher defence planning. The committee is expected to drive the country’s military and national security strategy, draft capability development plans and guide and accelerate defence equipment acquisitions.

The permanent body would be chaired by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. The Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman of the Chief of the Staff Committee (CISC) will be the member secretary of the committee. It will comprise the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), three service chiefs and the Defence, Expenditure and Foreign Secretaries.

Key Highlights:-
1. It will also have to prepare a roadmap to build defence manufacturing ecosystem and a strategy to boost defence exports and priority capability development plans.
2. he committee will be required to undertake external security risk assessment and define national defence and security priorities.
3. It will also have to prepare draft reports on national military strategy, national security strategy and international defence engagement strategy.
4. The membership and the terms of reference of the sub-committees will be finalised separately.

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