India has only 19 judges per 10 lakh people: Law Ministry

The Union Law Ministry had prepared a document in March 2018, as per which India has 19 judges per 10 lakh people on an average. The document reveals that while the subordinate courts have a shortage of 5748 judicial officers, the 24 high courts have a total of 406 vacancies.

Key Highlights:-

1. The law ministry data revealed that the judge-population ratio in India is 19.49 per million (10 lakh) people.
2. The data is a part of a document that the Ministry had prepared for discussion in the Parliament.
3. The data reveals that the judiciary faces a combined shortage of over 6,000 judges, including over 5,000 in the lower courts.
3. The document states that the working strength of the lower judiciary is 16,726, while the approved strength is much higher at 22,474.
4. In the case of high courts, while the approved strength is 1079, the actual strength is 673.
5. On the other hand, in the case of the Supreme Court that has a sanctioned strength of 31 judges, there are a total of six vacancies.
6. Overall, the data reveals that the total number of vacancies in the SC, HCs and the lower courts come to around 6160 judges.

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