India Is Now The 4th Largest Automobile Market Globally

A country like India which has a population of over 135 crores, is much likely to have a vast auto market. Well, the previous statement has totally been proven right. According to the latest 2018 global data show, our nation has overtaken Germany and has become the fourth largest automobile market in the world.

More than 4 million units were sold last year, which, outraged Germany’s 3.8-million vehicle sales. Moreover, the sales rose by a modest 2.8 percent during the same time period. As the statistics show, the automobile sales which include passenger, as well as commercial vehicles, grew by 9.5 percent, which, is the fastest growth rate among major global markets.

As far as the newly launched models are concerned, the Tata Nexon, Jeep Compass, VW’s Tiguan and Skoda’s Kodiaq is also pulling up a lot of sales traction in the Indian market.Our Government is focusing more on the infrastructure, stricter tabs overloading ban and macroeconomic environment management so that our sales volumes remain strong and stable during this year.

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