India, Nepal to explore using satellite images in boundary survey work

India and Nepal during the 5th meeting of Boundary Working Group (BWG) held in Kathmandu have agreed to explore the possibility of using high-resolution satellite images in boundary survey work. BWG is joint body constituted by India and Nepal in 2014 to conduct works in fields of construction, restoration and repair of boundary pillars, including clearance of no man’s land and other technical tasks.

Keys Fact:-

1. In the 5th meeting of BWG, Both countries also have agreed to continue mapping of no man’s land encroachment and cross-border occupation.
2. They also agreed to maintain the status quo in the cultivation of disputed land until an agreement is reached between two governments.
3. Both countries also reviewed the outcome of 4th BWG meet held in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India) and ensured that guidelines issued earlier have been properly followed.
4. They also agreed to finalise the work schedule for remaining field seasons.

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