India ranks 47th when it comes to inclusive Internet: Facebook

Compromised by low usage and poor quality, India is ranked 47th out of 86 countries when it comes to inclusive Internet and connectivity for all. Facebook, which commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to create a comprehensive “Inclusive Internet Index,” found India in the middle of Asian countries (12th out of 23) when it comes to connectivity.

India places at or near the top of the lower-middle-income bracket on most indicators, except for availability, where it is 13th out of 23, compromised by low usage and poor quality despite relatively strong infrastructure. This year’s index covered 91 per cent of the world’s population and an expanded data set of 86 countries, up from 75 countries in 2017.Across the indexed countries, on average, men are 33.5 per cent more likely to have Internet access than women.

The index assessed a country’s Internet inclusion across four categories: availability, affordability, relevance and readiness. “Bringing people online can offer life-changing opportunities, but there are still approximately 3.8 billion people without Internet access. The index reveals that coverage of 4G networking services grew significantly as networks in low-income countries are being upgraded.The cost of accessing the Internet is also falling.The cost of mobile broadband data plans in lower-income countries decreased about 17.3 per cent from last year.

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