India, Sri Lanka to sign MoU on Traditional Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy

The Government is planning to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Sri Lanka for cooperation in areas of traditional systems of medicine & Homoeopathy. The Memorandum of Understanding envisages the following salient areas for cooperation between the two Countries in the field Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy:

Promotion including the regulation of teaching, practice, drugs and drugless therapies, Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy

Exchanging experts for training of practitioners, paramedics, scientists, teaching professionals and students in Traditional Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy

Accommodating interested scientists, practitioners, paramedics and students in institutions for research, educational and training programmes on Traditional Medicine

Mutual recognition of officially recognised systems of medicine, educational qualifications in Traditional Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy, pharmacopoeias and formularies

Setting up of Academic Chairs on Traditional Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy

The financial resources necessary to conduct activities under the MoU will be met from the existing allocated budget under this ministry’s Central Sector Scheme for promotion of International Cooperation in AYUSH.

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