India strive to fulfill targets for Clean Energy, Gas Based Economy: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi 22 November 2018, that India will strive to fulfil the targets for Clean Energy and Gas Based Economy not just for itself, but for the whole of humanity and the future generations.

Government is increasing the number of LNG terminals and working on Nationwide Gas Grid and City Gas Distribution together to strengthen the gas infrastructure in the country. He mentioned various Clean Energy initiatives of the Government like Ethanol Blending, Compressed Bio Gas plants, increased LPG coverage and an introduction of BS-6 fuels for automobiles.

He added that 5000 Compressed Bio Gas Plants will be set up in the country in the coming five years. Mr Modi said, as of 2014, 66 districts of the country were under the City Gas Distribution Network and today the network is going on in 174 districts. In his address, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, Government is working to move towards the gas-based economy. He said, presently the share of gas in the country’s energy mix is just over 6 per cent and the aim is to reach 15 per cent.

The Prime Minister said, City Gas Distribution Network will have access to more than 400 districts in the next 2-3 years. He said, till 2014, 13 crore LPG connections were given in the country and in the last 4 years itself Government has provided about 12 crore connections. He said, before 2014 the domestic gas coverage was just 55 per cent which has increased to about 90 per cent.

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