India successfully tests nuclear-capable Agni-5 missile

India on June 3, 2018 successfully test-fired indigenously developed nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni-5 from the Integrated Test Range on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island, previously known as Wheeler Island. The long-range surface-to-surface missile with a strike range of 5,000 km was fired from a mobile launcher off the Odisha coast. All the radars, electro-optical tracking stations and telemetry stations tracked the vehicle all through the course of the trajectory. The launch was reported to have achieved all its mission objectives.

Key Highlights:-
1. This was the sixth trial of the state-of-the-art missile Agni-5, which covered its full distance during the test.
2. Several new technologies were successfully tested during the Agni-5 trial.
3. The missile comprised a high-speed onboard computer and fault tolerant software along with robust and reliable bus, which were able to guide it flawlessly.
4. Unlike other missiles of the series, Agni-5 is the most advanced in terms of navigation and guidance, warhead and engine.
5. The navigation systems- very-high accuracy Ring Laser Gyro-based Inertial Navigation System and the modern and highly-accurate Micro Navigation System ensured that the missile reached within a few metres of the target.

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