India to host Army Scouts Masters Contest for First Time

India for the first time will host and participate in a major army competition involving eight countries, including China and Russia, in Jaisalmer. The competition is part of the International Army Games 2019, which will be held in 10 countries, including Russia, India, and China, in August. While India had last year participated in the annually held army games, where it was knocked out of the ‘tank biathlon’ event, this will be the first time when it will take part in the scout’s competition.

The event called the ‘Army International Scout Masters Competition 2019’ will be held in August this year. It will comprise five main stages which involve simulated battle scenarios of infiltrating behind enemy lines via helicopters, setting up ambushes, driving infantry combat vehicles, surviving in chemical and nuclear-affected environments, tactical moves in a target area and finally exfiltrate from the enemy territory.

While preparations for the event will begin from July 24, the competition will be conducted from August 6-14. It will have the participation of army reconnaissance teams from the eight countries. The competition’s first stage involves drills of the scout squad mounting in a helicopter to infiltrate behind enemy lines.

The squad will be evaluated for navigation skills at night and their battle drills will be tested. The second stage involves exercises on driving infantry combat vehicles over obstacles and surviving in chemical, biological and nuclear-affected environments. The other stages include demonstrating small arms firing skills and exfiltrating out of the simulated enemy territory.

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