Indian-American student Avi Goel wins International Geography Bee World Championship

Avi Goel, an Indian-American high school student, has won the world championship at the International Geography Bee’s junior varsity division held from July 11-17, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. 14-year-old Goel is a tenth grader at Silver Creek High School in Evergreen, San Jose, CA. He topped the overall medal table with winning seven gold and 2 silver medals in the 10 medal events. The student also bagged the top spot in all the three events counting towards the world championship title: the International Geography Exam, the International Geography Bee and the International Geography Showdown.

After these awards, I want to move on to progress in other subject areas such as math and computer science as these are my desired areas to study in college. The lion’s share of my rationale for winning such things stems back to personal pride and desire although I hope to use them, to some extent, to hopefully embellish my college applications if possible.

Avi has a deep interest in geography and he has been participating in the subject’s competitions since his early childhood. In 2017, he won the national championships of the United States Geography Olympiad junior varsity division in Arlington, Virginia. He came 2nd in the state of California when he was in his 6th grade. Founded in the year 2016, The competition was held by International Academic Competitions and is overseen by the International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB).

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