Indian Animation Expert Bhimsain Khurana Passes Away

Indian animation pioneer and multiple National Award winner Bhimsain Khurana is dead. He was 82. Khurana, known for films like “Gharaonda” and for iconic animation shorts like “Ek Anek Ekta” with the unforgettable “Ek chidiya, anek chidiya” song died at a hospital here on 17 April 2018 while undergoing dialysis.

Khurana obtained his diploma in Fine Arts and Classical Music from Lucknow University. In 1970, he made his debut with his first animation short “The Climb”, which earned him the Silver Hugo Award in the Chicago Film Festival. Khurana also tried his hand at TV show production.

His first tryst was in 1985 with popular sitcom “Choti Badi Baatein”, based on superstitions. He also made documentaries. In 1991, he made computer-aided animation serial “Lok Gatha”, based on folk tales, and then a 26-episode series “Vartaman”

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