Indian Army commissioned air quality monitor at Fort William as a part of ‘Go Green’ initiative

The Indian Army has commissioned a “Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System” (CAAQMS) at its Eastern Command headquarters in Fort William Military Station, Kolkata in West Bengal. The commission of air quality monitor is part of Army’s countrywide ‘Go Green’ initiative, which was started in April 2019.

The CAAQMS installed at William Military station will measure air pollution continuously throughout the year. It includes measuring pollutants like SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, CO, O3, VOC and particulate matters (PM 10 and PM 2.5). It will also display relative humidity, ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and rain gauge. The installation of CAAQMS is special because it will act as the ‘control station’ (i.e. it will monitor air quality at an ideal situation) and its readings will be considered a benchmark of quality.

The data so collected can be remotely monitored on the internet and can also be published into various desired formats for public awareness. The CAAQMS data can also be used by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) or any other local or international weather monitoring bodies.

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