Indian Army Launches ‘Mission Reach Out’ in Jammu and Kashmir

The Indian Army launched the “Mission Reach Out” in Jammu to ensure basic requirements and violations of the provisions of Section 370 in the region and restructuring of Jammu and Kashmir are available.

A high-level “Mission Reach Out” conference to review the prevailing situation in the region. It was held at Nagrota Military Station headed by White Knight Corps Commander Lt Gen Paramjit Singh. The Corps Commander appreciated full coordination between the Army, Civil Administration and other security establishments to maintain peace, harmony and a conducive environment.

It included Jammu Divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Verma, members of civil administration, representatives of Jammu and Kashmir Police, CRPF, BSF, and intelligence agencies. The current security scenario and preparedness of security agencies and civil administration were discussed during the conference. During the conference, it was revealed that after the repeal of Article 370 on August 5, the situation in Jammu region was not peaceful. The Corps Commander gave information about several initiatives under the army.

‘Mission Reach Out’

These are mobile medical care units with essential medicines and women medical officers, wherever necessary, providing water to places where supplies were disrupted, necessary provisions, including rationing, assistance in transportation of patients to hospitals, people to their Providing close speaking facilities. Through exchanging military and creating a safe environment for the functioning of ATMs, banks, and hospitals.

During the conference, the Divisional Commissioner assured adequate availability of all basic needs and essential services to meet the needs of the people. He further explained that due to the general situation in the region, the general public requested to open schools and educational institutions, which was agreed upon and schools were opened in the city from 10 August.

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