Indian army successfully test fires Block-III version of BrahMos cruise missile

Land attack variant of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos was successfully test fired by Indian army on 2 May.The Block-III version of the weapon system was tested in steep-dive mode as part of its capability enhancement endeavour. It was fourth successive launch of the Block-III version of the BrahMos land attack cruise missile which has once again stamped its impeccable. The land-to-land configuration of BrahMos Block – III was launched from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) for its full-range, demonstrating the weapon’s unmatched lethality of hitting the centre of a designated target with ‘bull’s eye’ precision,”.BrahMos Block-III is a joint Russian-Indian project, which is based on Russian P-800 Oniks missile. Block III had advanced guidance and upgraded software, incorporating high manoeuvres at multiple points and steep dive from high altitude.

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