Indian cartoonist wins WWF International President’s Award

Rohan Chakravarty, a young Indian wildlife and environment cartoonist has won this year’s WWF International President’s Award for his efforts to inspire change and attitudes towards nature. Hailing from Nagpur (also known as the tiger capital of India), Chakravarty has been an enthusiastic bird watcher since childhood. He was on his way to becoming a dentist when the sighting of a magnificent tigress at a waterhole at Nagzira Tiger Reserve threw his planned career off gear.The award is the global conservation organization’s top accolade to recognize outstanding leadership in young conservationists from around the world. Rohan was announced as one of the two winners of this award, His cartoons make you laugh out loud. They also carry a strong message of conservation that leaves an instant impression in the minds of young and old alike.

A young cartoonist and illustrator has made his mark for sketching passionately and consistently on wildlife, climate change and other environmental issues and has many national and international magazines and newspapers lining up for his works.With over 400 cartoons, Chakravarty probably has one of the largest online cartoon repositories — under the banner of Green Humour — that centres around environmental issues.The 2017 WWF International President’s Award is presented in Manado, Indonesia. The award acknowledges and encourages outstanding achievements of young people under the age of 30 who are making significant contributions to nature conservation. Nominations are invited annually via WWF offices around the world.

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