Indian Engineer Bags Sci-Tech Oscar Award

Vikas Sathaye, a Pune-born person has been honored with the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the Oscars Scientific and Technical Awards 2018 at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California on 10th February 2018. The four member received the award for his contribution towards conceptualization, designing, engineering, and the implementation of the Shot over K1 Camera System during his stint at Shot over Camera Systems in Queens town, New Zealand. He taught at Pune’s Cum mins College of Engineering for Women for seven years, during which he was sent to Italy for a project with Fiat for three months.

In 2009 he joined a new company Shot over Camera Systems in Queens town, New Zealand, which is where he worked on the aerial mount. The camera mount gets attached to the base of a helicopter, which carries the camera and lens. Its primary function is to eliminate any vibration from reaching the camera and thus getting steady footage. The other function for the camera mount is to move the camera head in the desired direction as required by the camera operator, who sits inside the helicopter and uses a joystick to control the camera head movement.

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