Indian Railways introduces first dwarf container service

The Indian Railways has introduced a commercial service to run double-stack dwarf containers on trains to capture the lost traffic through a new delivery model for domestic cargo. The information was shared by the Railways Ministry on July 9, 2018.

Key Highlights:-
1. The double-stack draft containers are shorter in size and are capable of running on electrified tracks.
2. To be precise, a double-stack container is 6 ft 4 inches in height.
3. Despite being smaller in size, the dwarf containers can hold a capacity of 30,500 kgs compared to regular containers.
4. The freight train with the dwarf containers was flagged off for its maiden commercial run on July 7 from Western Railway’s Rajkot railway station.
5. The train was booked from Reliance Rail Siding at Kanalus to Rewari in Haryana and was loaded with 82 containers carrying polypropylene granules.

Currently, low-density products such as plastic granules, PVC polyester fabric, white goods, FMCG products, polyethylene and auto cars are being transported mostly by road. However, with the introduction of these dwarf containers, the railways would be able to offer a cheaper and more suitable alternative.

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