Indian Railways planned 3000th stations to get 1000 Wi-Fi spots

Indian Railways enabled free Wi-Fi at its 3000th station. The facility went live in Elnabad, Rajasthan on Monday, with 1,000 stations connected. Ellenabad railway station in Bikaner division of North Western Railway located north of Ghaggar-Hakra River. It serves as a point of entry from Rajasthan to the state of Haryana.

Rana Pratap Nagar of Rajasthan became the 2000th station to provide Wi-Fi facility in North Western Railway. Railways plans to provide around 6,000 free Wi-Fi facilities at all its stations. The free Wi-Fi facility at railway stations started from Mumbai Central in January 2016 and within 16 months it was live at 1,600 stations across India. RailTel, the telecom arm of the railways, started the process with a vision to convert stations into a platform for digital inclusion.

RailTel was roped in Tata Trusts to facilitate the remaining stations in the country. The user must switch to Wi-Fi mode on the smartphone and select the Railwire Wi-Fi network. The Railwire homepage automatically appears on the smartphone. The user is then asked to enter their mobile number on the homepage to obtain a one-time password (OTP). OTP has to be entered in Railwire’s homepage. OTP, the user can access high-speed Internet and start browsing.

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