Indiana, Karnataka in pact for sister-state ties

Indiana, a State in the US, and Karnataka have signed an agreement to establish sister-state ties for cooperation in economic, educational and cultural fields. The agreement, was signed between Indiana Governor Eric J Holcomb and Priyank Khage, Karnataka Minister for IT, BT and Tourism. The Indiana delegation is on a tour of India and visited a few US companies.

The two states will focus on workforce development, academic co-operation, information and communications technologies, advanced manufacturing and materials, life sciences, agriculture and agriculture technology, automotive and aerospace and aviation. The sister-state agreement with Indiana is important in strengthening the cultural and professional ties between the two States.

As the IT capital and innovation hub of India, Karnataka has always believed in the spirit of partnership. 01 November 2017, we live in a global village and it’s only through regular exchange of ideas and visions that we can truly evolve. Through partnerships with companies like Infosys and Wipro, Indiana has become closely linked to Karnataka. Earlier this year, Infosys had announced plans to establish a tech and innovation hub in central Indiana.

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