Indias 1st Iron Ore Mine Discovered in Bangladesh

Iron ore mine discovered at Isabpur village in Dinajpur. This announcement was made by the Geological Survey of Bangladesh.

After the effect of extensive drilling over two months in the area. A 400-foot thick iron layer was found in Bangladesh after the result of the Geological Survey.

Around 1,750 feet beneath the surface stretched over an area of 6-10 square kilometer. The percentage of iron in the mine around 65. It indicates the high quality of the ore. The other countries like Canada, China, Brazil, Sweden, and Australia have the percentage of iron ore is below the level of 50.

Other minerals such as gold, copper, nickel, and chromium also found at various levels of the mining. The discovery of the iron mine opened up economic prospects for the country. The iron concentration in the magnetite ore is 65 percent.

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