India’s first BIO-CNG fuel plant inaugurated at Pune.

Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated India’s First Integrated Bio‐refinery for Renewable Fuels & Chemicals for producing ethanol from a variety of biomass.The plant is situated at Rahu in Pune district of Maharashtra. The demonstration plant has been built by Praj industries.The inaugurated Bio‐refinery plant is capable of producing one million litres of ethanol per annum by processing a variety of biomass like rice and wheat straw, cotton stalk, bagasse, cane trash, corn cobs & stover with superior product yields.The Government has asked Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to target 10 % blending of ethanol in as many States as possible. The fuel doping programme that required blending of 5% ethanol had started in last 3 years ago..Although Bio-CNG has been used as automobile fuel in Europe it is the first time that technology will be used in India. During the trial run, the company successfully tested the fuel at least seven different kinds of vehicles, which ranged from auto rickshaws to buses to test the fuel.

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