India’s Vedangi Kulkarni becomes fastest Asian to cycle the globe

India’s Vedangi Kulkarni has become the fastest Asian to cycle the globe. The 20-year-old Indian completed the 29,000 kilometres’ distance required to qualify as bicycling across the globe on December 23, 2018.

Overall, Kulkarni spent 159 days peddling up to 300 km a day in 14 countries. Starting off from Perth in July, she will now be flying back to the Australian city to complete the record by cycling a 15 km distance to reach the same place from where she started.

Key Highlights:-

1. Kulkarni is a student of the University of Bournemouth in the United Kingdom pursuing a degree in sports management.
2. She said that the 159 days spent peddling up to 300 km a day in 14 countries has shown her the “best and worst” of both herself and also the world.
3. The preparations for the ride began about two years ago with long cycle rises, getting the equipment including a specially crafted cycle and planning the route and time window.
4. Kulkarni did not have anyone accompanying her for over 80 per cent of the route and lugged the cycle with the heavy luggage that includes cycle tools, camping equipment and clothing in desolate stretches all alone.
5. She had to face obstruction from several elements on the way, from both human and natural. This included being chased by a Grizzly bear in Canada or camping alone for multiple nights in the snow in Russia or being robbed at a knife-point in Spain.
6. She also faced troubles on securing the necessary visas, which cost her time. The visa process led to a delayed departure and consequently facing weather hostilities in Europe where winter had started setting in. The ride was funded majorly by her parents.
7. Globally, a thirty-eight-year-old British adventurer, Jenny Graham is the fastest woman to have cycled the globe in 124 days in 2018, which is three weeks faster than the previous record.

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