Inland Waterways Authority of India launches new portal ‘LADIS’

The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) on 15 February 2019 launched a new portal called ‘LADIS’ – Least Available Depth Information System in New Delhi to ensure optimum use of national waterways.

The portal will ensure that the real-time data on least available depths (LADs) is disseminated for ship and barge and cargo owners so that they can undertake transportation on the national waterways in a more planned way.

For seamless movement of vessels, an assured depth of waterway is required. If real-time information is made available regarding least available depths in stretches of various national waterways, it will help transporters by guiding them on the suitability of time of movement.

Key Highlights:-

1. The details of the LAD will be fed into the portal by respective surveyors and regional in-charge deputed with Inland Waterways Authority of India survey vessels, which constantly move on national waterways.
2. The LADIS portal is hosted at on IWAI’s website and has been built in house by the IWAI.
3. The Inland Waterways Authority of India has designed the portal to facilitate the day to day operations of inland vessels plying on National Waterways and to avoid any hindrance in service and operation.
4. Initially, the information of LADs will be available for national waterway 1, national waterway 2, Indo-Bangladesh Protocol route and national waterway 3, along with the date of the survey. The facility will soon be expanded to other national waterways as well.
5. It will enhance the credibility and efficiency of information sharing to achieve seamless operations on National Waterways, besides pre-empting problems that may occur during the movement of vessels.
6. The vessel operators and cargo owners will prepare their sailing plans strictly as per applicable waterways related information (Hydrographic survey reports, River Notices) available on IWAI’s website.

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