International Tiger Day July 29

Tigers have forever been unfathomable signs of supremacy, attractiveness, craftiness, power and endurance in wilderness and Asian traditions for many centuries. In the recent times, the world’s biggest cat is celebrated on the International Tiger Day, that is on July 29. With wild tigers lessening in numbers that is as low as approximately 3,210, the direct and embattled poaching of tigers is perhaps the most instantaneous threat for the animal in the current times. Nevertheless, a grave contributing issue to the condition of the tiger is the pervasive cry off of its jungle larder – the wild pigs, deer, and Gaur.

One tiger nearly requires to eat an average magnitude deer each week to sustain himself and without ample food, the population of the tigers reduces very quickly. A Large number of jungles in the forests of Asia are considered as vacant forests as the trees are there, but the animals have almost disappeared from there. Anti-poaching attempts should be made earliest possible, so that both the tiger and its prey is protected. The poachers should be treated severly and punished. Poachers, frequently focus on the prey other than the tigers themselves. These wild animals are the most hunted by the neighboring poachers to cater for food in the local market.

What is Tiger International Day?
Held every year on July 29th, International Tiger Day gives global and wide reaching awareness to the reservation of worlds biggest cat, tigers. It brings about general awareness for the people and at the same time it becomes the celebration day also. It was initiated in Tiger Summit in Saint Petersburg in the year 2010. It was done specifically to put a full stop at the extinction of wild tigers. The majority of animal welfare organisations took an oath to help these astonishing creatures and are making all the attempts to lift the funds in order to accomplish this goal.

Why is it celebrated?
The chief aim of the Tiger Day is predominantly promoting the safety and spreading out of the wild tigers surroundings in order to gain awareness for the conservation of the tiger. International Tiger Day takes place on 29th July, so that international attention is extended to the reservation of this wild animal which is almost on the verge of becoming extinct. Most of the animal welfare organisations undertook this venture and joined hands to save these most wonderful animal and help them grow in their natural habitat. Global Tiger Day is celebrated all across the world with extraordinary ceremonies, youth gatherings, and enlightening activities so that the message of tiger reservation is conveyed far and wide in the remotest towns like Hukaung Valley in Myanmar and other places like Bangladesh, Dhaka, and even in big cities like Washington, DC.

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