Interview Questions

1) What are the responsibilities of a construction manager?
The responsibilities are
• Cost Estimates
• Pre-purchase of selected materials
• Selection of bidders for bidding phase
• Analysis of proposals
• Construction contract negotiations
• Construction Scheduling and Monitoring
• Cost control of construction
• Construction supervision

2) Can you describe what a projection line is?
Projection line can be described as the way in which the earth is displayed on a flat piece of paper.

3) List out some of the software program that can be useful for architect?
• AutoCAD
• Revit
• 3DS Max
• Sketchup
• Photoshop
• Adobe creative suites
• Microsoft office
• Digital Media

4) Mention what are the composition of a landfill?
For secure landfill, there are four critical elements
• The bottom liner
• A leachate collection system
• A cover
• Natural hydrogeologic settings

5) For the construction project what capital cost has to be taken in consideration?
• Land acquisition ( Assembly, holding and improvement)
• Planning and feasibility studies
• Construction ( Material, equipment, and labor)
• Construction financing ( Bank loan)
• Insurance and taxes during construction
• Owner’s general office overhead
• Inspection and testing

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