Iran unveiled three precision guided missiles

Iran unveiled three precision-guided missiles with an aim to defend itself in the face of the US. The missiles are a new line-up of air-to-air missiles, dubbed the “Yasin”, “Balaban” and a new series of “Ghaem”.

The missiles were developed jointly by the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics and Iran Electronics Industries. The launch of the missiles shows another significant achievement of power and dignity for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Yasin is a smart guided missile. It has been designed with folding wings. It can be fired from a range of 50 kilometers of its target from manned or unmanned aircraft. Balaban missile was guided by GPS and sensors that equipped with folding wings. This particular missile could be mounted under aircraft.

Ghaem missile is used for precision strikes. It could hit within 50 centimeters of a target. Ghaem missile is equipped with different visible, thermal and cylindrical seekers. Also, the missile can be installed on various drone, helicopters and fighter jets to annihilate their targets. It was a heat-seeking missile.

Tension between Iran and the US:

The tensions between the countries arose for the first time the US withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. The tensions unveiled between Iran and the US is Strait of Hormuz that linking oil-producing countries in the Middle East to markets in Asia, Europe, and North America.
The US ships have been targeted and attacked, drones have been downed and oil tankers have been seized in the strategic waters since May 2019.

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