ISRO To Launch India’s Heaviest, Most Powerful Rocket Next Month

India will attempt to launch its heaviest and most powerful rocket yet next month. The 640-tonne Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV Mk III) has been worked on for more than 10 years.The notable aspect of this rocket is that the main and bigger cryogenic engine has been developed within India, said scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO.The heaviest rocket ever made by India, the GSLV Mark III is capable of carrying the heaviest satellites till now. ISRO – that is now at par with and giving tough competition to its global counterparts – enters into a bold new world muscling its way to make its mark in the world’s heavy weight multi-billion dollar launch market with its latest venture.The satellite that it will put into orbit weighs 3.2 tonnes and will the heaviest to be lifted by an Indian rocket.India presently has two rockets – the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and GSLV-Mk II – with a lift-off mass of 415 tonnes and a carrying capacity of 2.5 tonnes Earlier this month, the GSLV-Mk 11 was used to launch a communications satellite that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gifted for sharing to neighbours in South Asia. The South Asia Satellite will offer participating countries television services and communications technology for bank ATM s and e-governance, and may even serve as a backup for cellular networks, especially in places where the terrestrial connectivity is weak.

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