Japan’s first private rocket ‘Momo-3’ launched

Interstellar Technologies (IST) have become Japan’s first private company who launched its own rocket momo-3 into space. Interstellar Technologies launched Momo-3 rocket from Hokkaido space center. Founder of Interstellar Technologies Takafumi Horie said that it was a complete success. We’ll work to achieve stable launches and mass-produce (rockets) in quick cycles.

It is a Japanese Space company; making a low-cost launching vehicle named Momo. Interstellar Technologies first tried to launch private launch vehicle Momo-1 in the year 2017 but failed. The second attempt was made in the year 2018 with Momo-2 but it was crashed just four seconds after its launch. This company is planning to build a full-scale rocket that can launch small satellites into orbit by 2020. Takahiro Inagawa is president of Interstellar Technologies.

Key Highlights

1. Interstellar Technologies is coming with ZERO rocket with the objective of providing affordable, flexible access to space.
2. Interstellar Technologies revealed in a press release that Momo series rockets are development and experimental rockets their eventual goal is to prepare ZERO rocket.
3. Duration from lift-off to apogee was 240 seconds and splashdown distance was 37 kilometers from the launch site.
4. The total flight duration was 515 seconds while reached a height of 113.4 kilometers.
5. ZERO will carry 100 kilograms of payload to an altitude of 500 kilometers.

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