Law Commission recommends making registration of marriage compulsory

It could soon become impossible to have a hush-hush marriage. In a landmark move, the Law Commission on 04 July 2017 recommended to the Narendra Modi government to make marriage registration compulsory within 30 days of the wedding ceremony with no exemption to any religious community including Muslims.

The panel, which guides the government on complex legal issues, suggested punishing the defaulters with a fine of Rs 5 per day for unreasonable delay. There will be other penalties for providing false information and for refusal to furnish certain information, such as name and address.

Independence, numerous initiatives have been taken to address the issue of gender inequality. Instances of marriage fraud have also come to light in recent times. In the absence of compulsory registration, women are duped into marrying without performance of the conditions of a valid marriage. This deprives women of societal recognition and legal security. Such fraudulent marriages are especially on rise among non-resident Indians. Compulsory registration can serve as a means to ensure that conditions of a valid marriage have been performed. The law ministry on February 16 asked the commission to examine and submit a report with regard to various issues relating to compulsory registration of marriages.

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