Leading Marathi bhavgeet singer Arun Date passes away at 84

Noted Marathi bhavgeet singer Arun Date whose iconic songs like Shukratara, Hya janmavar hya jaganyavar, Bhatukalicha khelamadhale, Asen mi nasen mi and Yeshil yeshil remain popular 60 years after they were recorded, passed away at his residence in Kanjurmarg 06 May 2018.

Date was a tall, bespectacled gentleman who wore the hint of a smile on his round face. He had turned 84 on May 4, and although he had been ailing for some years, fans were shocked to learn of his demise just two days after his birthday.

He entered the field of music slightly late, after having taken a degree in textile engineering and working with the Birla group. He learnt music from Kumar Gandharva and K Mahavir, and began singing with All India Radio from 1955. But ‘Shukratara’, a duet with Sudha Malhotra that released in 1962, became his signature song. It later grew into a successful concert series spanning 2,500 shows.

Date’s son Atul performed the final rites at Sion crematorium 05 May 2018. Another son Sangeet passed away in 2016. Atul recalled his father’s simple nature, saying how happy he had been when the family played his songs to him 04 May 2018 night.

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