Blood Relations

Mother’s mother Grandmother
Mother’s Father Grandfather
Mother’s Daughter Sister
Mother’s Son Brother
Mother’s Sister Aunt
Mother’s Brother Uncle
Brother’s Son Nephew
Brother’s Daughter Niece
Uncle’s son or Daughter Cousin
Grandfather’s Son Father or Uncle
Grandfather’s only son Father
Grandfather’s Daughter Mother or Aunt
Grandfather’s only Daughter Mother
Husband’s Mother Mother-in-law
Husband’s Father Father-in-law
Husband’s Sister Sister-in-law
Husband’s Brother Brother-in-law
Sister’s Husband Brother-in-law
Daughter’s husband Son-in-law
Father’s Mother Grandmother
Father’s Father Grandfather
Father’s Daughter Sister
Father’s Son Brother
Father’s Sister Aunt
Father’s Brother Uncle
Sister’s Son Nephew
Sister’s Daughter Niece
Aunt’s Son or Daughter Cousin
Grandmother’s son Father or Uncle
Grandmother’s only son Father
Grandmother’s Daughter Mother or Aunt
Grandmother’s only Daughter Mother
Wife’s Mother Mother-in-law
Wife’s Father Father-in-law
Wife’s Sister Sister-in-law
Wife’s Brother Brother-in-law
Brother’s wife Sister-in-law
Son’s wife Daughter-in-law

Notations of Blood Relations
A is the brother of B means AB
B is the brother of A means AB
A and B are brothers means AB

Types of Questions Asked:

Based upon language - In these types of questions candidates are required to analyse the whole chain of relations and decipher the direct required to analyse the whole chain of relations and decipher the direct.

Based upon letter/Symbols - In these types of questions,relationships are represented by English alphabet letter or certain specific codes or symbols such as *,$,,,+,a, © etc

For Example: If Nina says, “Anita`s father Raman is the only son of my
father-in-law Mahipal”, then how is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita, related
to Mahipal ?

Explanation: Only son of Nina’s father-in-law Mahipal — Nina’s husband.
So, Raman is Nina’s husband and Anita and Bindu are his daughters.

Thus, Bindu is the granddaughter of Mahipal.

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