To solve such problems the knowledge of venn-diagram is very useful.Hence,we have laid down the four propositions(A,E,I,O),seven Venn-Diagram of syllogism so that candidates may not find any difficulty while solving questions based on syllogism.
Note: First of all diagram should be made. By doing so questions are easily and quickly solved.
How to draw Venn diagram:
Eg.1 - If the first word is related to second word and second word is related to third word. Then they will be shown by diagram as given below.
     Unit, Tens, Hundreds

Explanation: Ten units together make one Tens or in one tens, whole unit is available and ten tens together make one hundreds.

If two different items are completely related to third item, they will be shown as below.

Problems of Syllogism:

Eg.3 –
         All cards are Boxes.
         No box is Slate
         Some Slates are Tiles.
        No slate is card
        Some tiles are boxes.
Explanation- According to the statements,Venn diagram is
Hence,only conclusion 1 is true.

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