Lok Sabha passes Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill

A bill to amend the regulations governing compensation payable for acquisition of immovable property by the Centre for defence and security purposes, was passed by the Lok Sabha on 20 December 2017. The bill seeks to amend a provision to allow the Centre to re-issue the notice of acquisition in order to ensure that the property’s owner gets an opportunity to be heard.

State has the obligation that relates to compensation. The states want to pay compensation which is fair and just compensation. Enable the central government to re-issue the notice of acquisition to the owner or such other person interested in the property, for the purpose of giving an opportunity of being heard.

BJP MP Gopal Shetty was critical of the defence officials for acquiring civilian land unnecessarily. Sometimes the enemy does not trouble (the civilians) but these (defence) officials do. The Bill will help get justice to those whose land has been taken. The Prime Minister has often talked about cooperative federalism and if the land is taken by the Centre for national security, it should also take steps to take the state governments into confidence.

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