Madhya Pradesh sets record with plantation of 6 cr saplings in day

With an aim to set a world record by planting six crore saplings on July 2, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has assigned targets to 24 districts in which river Narmada flows to cover 1077 km in Madhya Pradesh. The target varies from planting one lakh saplings to 55 lakh in one day for which arrangements have been made through private nurseries from within and outside the state.
“The state forest department is likely to arrange 4.5 crore saplings, while the horticulture department will manage 40 lakh fruit plants. The rest has been arranged from private nurseries within the state and from Meerut, Jalgaon and Nagpur”, chief secretary B P Singh told TOI. Sources in the forest and horticulture department said that the biggest challenge for collectors is to arrange saplings, prepare pits and get the manpower ready for July 2. The districts have been assigned target of planting one lakh to 55 lakh saplings a day for which they have been asked to arrange additional workforce.
“Districts like Burhanpur have been asked to plant one lakh saplings, while places like Narsinghpur and Mandla will have to plant 50 lakh saplings in one go. Hoshangabad district has been assigned maximum 55 lakh plants, while authorities in Sehore, the home district of chief minister Chouhan, have been asked to manage 25 lakh saplings in the run up for the world record”, sources said.
The state government has also involved social organisations like Gayatri Parivar, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Narmada Sewa Samiti, and trusts run by spiritual and religious heads. The officials have also asked local media and press clubs to participate in the ambitious campaign for a global achievement.

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