Maharaja Ranjit Singh Honoured on His 180th Death Anniversary

A sculpture of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled around 40 years in the early 19th century. It was unveiled at the historic Lahore Fort in Pakistan. This embarks to mark his 180th death anniversary. The total duration to complete the eight-feet tall statue of the Sikh ruler is about 8 months.

His horse named Kahar Bahar. It was a gift from Dost Muhammad Khan, the founder of the Barakzai dynasty. The sculpture installed at the Sikh Gallery of the Mai Jindan Haveli in the Lahore Fort. The statue was made by artists from Lahore’s National College of Art and Naqsh School of Art.

Lahore has rich cultural and religious diversity for centuries and Ranjit Singh was one important part of it. Around 465 Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit Lahore at Gurudwara Dera Sahib the funerary urns of Ranjit Singh. It commemorates the 180th death anniversary of the Sikh ruler. Fakir Khana Museum launched 180 limited edition bust sculptures of the Maharaja. It is done for art connoisseurs in the history of Punjab.

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