Mauritius To Host 11th World Hindi Conference

The 11th World Hindi Conference will be held in Mauritius from August 18 to August 20, 2018 with an aim to increase the popularity of Hindi globally. The Union External Affairs Ministry has already undertaken the work on the international meet.

Key Highlights:-
1. The World Hindi Secretariat (WHS) will be the organizing authority of the event.
2. This World Hindi Conference seeks to produce concrete guidelines for the promotion of Hindi as a language of globalization.
3. The conference will cover both classical and modern elements of Hindi and will see the participation of delegates and scholars of Hindi from all over the world.
4. As part of the preparation, regular official visits to Port Louis have been taking place in the past few months including one by Secretary in charge of Eastern affairs in the Ministry, Preeti Saran.
5. The special focus of this year’s event will be on Bollywood and the global reach of Hindi through movies.

Some of the leading literary voices of Hindi have raised their voice against the upcoming conference, stating that the conference might end up as a public relations exercise in view of the 2019 General Elections and be urging the Ministry to use the event to support genuine scholars of Hindi.

About World Hindi Conference:-
1. The World Hindi Conference was conceptualized in Wardha of Maharashtra in 1973 and the first conference was held in Nagpur in 1975.
2. So far, India hosted the event three times including the present conference. India hosted it for the second time in 1983 in New Delhi.
3. The Conference organized once in every three years by the External Affairs Ministry with an aim to propagate the use of the Hindi language across the world.
4. The conference was also held in Mauritius in 1976 and 1993, in Trinidad and Tobago in 1996, in London (1999), Surinam (2003), New York (2007) and Johannesburg (2012).

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