Ministry of Railway Launches SFOORTI Application

In a major digital initiative to help plan the traffic flows and optimize freight operations, Ministry of Railways have launched Smart Freight Operation Optimisation & Real Time Information (SFOORTI) App for Freight Managers which provides features for monitoring and managing freight business using Geographic Information System (GIS) Views and Dashboard.

Salient features of SFOORTI Application are as below:-

1. With this application, movement of freight trains on Geographic Information System (GIS) view can be tracked.
2. Both passenger and freight trains can be tracked over Zones/Divisions/ Sections in single GIS View.
3. Freight business can be monitored.
4. Comparative Analysis of Zonal/Divisional Traffic.
5. Analysis of new traffic captured and traffic lost.
6. This app provides a Birds eye view of all Freight Assets in a single window.
7. Provides end to end Rake movement on Geospatial view
8. Expected Traffic at Interchange points to evaluate daily performance can be viewed.
9. Performance of each zone and divisions with respect to loading and utilization of freight assets can be viewed.
10. Sectional performance monitoring for sections, divisions and zones shall help in traffic routing.
11. Freight terminal and sidings can be better monitored to ensure better turnaround of rakes.

Highlights og SFOORTI Application :-

1. Position of all freight trains on Indian Railways Network on basis of their last reporting in system.
2. Movement of freight trains from one zone/division to another zone/division across IR.
3. Position of Rakes on the network detailing commodity wise loading.
4. Position of all freight stock on Indian Railways – both loaded and empty on the network.
5. Monitor Inward/ Expected traffic flow at Interchange points along with real time monitoring of forecast for day against actual interchange.
6. Indicates new traffic Origination-Destination (OD) captured over IR network.
7. Indicates Rakes detaining beyond permissible free time on the network.
8. Loading trends of major commodities is available identifying the loading performances of terminals and their Origination-Destination (OD) on the network.

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