MoHUA Proposes Light Urban Rail Metrolite For Smaller Cities

The Centre has proposed light urban rail transit system – ‘Metrolite’ It is found in small cities and towns having a lower projection of ridership. Each train having three coaches and a restricted speed of 25 kmph. Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry issued standard specifications of the ‘Metrolite’ system. The system will be developed on surface and elevated stretches. The ‘Metrolite’, can be developed at a lower cost in comparison with an existing metro system, will also act as a feeder system to high capacity Metro.

Metrolite – Features

1. The three-coach train will have the capacity of carrying 300 passengers.
2. The government would provide financial assistance to states to implement the light urban rail transit system.
3. The ‘Metrolite’ system has a dedicated path separating the road traffic with it. The fencing can be provided on either side of the network.
4. The metro rail system being developed at present is of high capacity. It is required for bigger cities with very high ridership.
5. The success of the existing metro system, several small cities, and towns on rail-based mass rapid transit system fulfilled by the light urban rail transit system.
6. The ‘Metrolite’ system will have shelter platforms. They will not have AFC gates, platform screen doors, X-ray and baggage scanner.
7. The Ticket validators could be installed inside the Metrolite train and shelter with NCMC /other ticketing systems.

Elevated Metrolite system will be planned only when the At-Grade system (surface). The ‘Metrolite’ train comprises three non-separable coaches with a low floor height of about 300-350 mm. The unit length should be of minimum 33 m. The car structure material will be stainless steel or aluminum. The maximum operating speed of the Metrolite is 60 KMPH. The speed is restricted to 25 Kmph.

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