Moon is shrinking and shaking: NASA Study

In a recent study published by NASA, it has been revealed that the moon is shrinking from millions of years and still counting. NASA study said that the moon is shrinking as its interior cools, getting more than about 150 feet skinnier over the last several hundred million years.

Key Highlights-

Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) sent 3D images of moon surface that revealed its surface is shrinking.
– NASA found that a number of the quakes recorded in the Apollo data happened very close to the faults seen in the LRO images.
– Apollo missions dropped the instruments and seismic data was taken from that only.
– After using the algorithm method, the NASA team found that eight of the 28 shallow quakes were within 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) of faults visible in lunar images.

NASA claims that as per first evidence these faults of shrinking is still active and producing moonquakes today as the Moon continues to gradually cool. NASA study finds that some of these quakes can be fairly strong, around five on the Richter scale.

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