Natalie Portman Named Winner of ‘Jewish Nobel’ Prize

Natalie Portman has been awarded Israel’s 2018 Genesis Prize in recognition of her commitment to social causes and deep connection to her Jewish and Israeli roots, organizers of the prize announced on 07 November 2017. The Oscar-winning actress said she was “deeply touched and humbled” by the recognition.

The $1 million award, known as “the Jewish Nobel Prize,” is granted each year to a person recognised as an inspiration to the next generation of Jews through professional achievement and commitment to Jewish values. Ms. Portman was born in Israel and moved to the United States as a young girl, evolving from a child actress into a widely acclaimed A-list star. She won the 2011 Best Actress Academy Award for her work in “Black Swan,” and in 2015, she directed and starred in “Tale of Love and Darkness,” a Hebrew-language film made in Israel based on an Amos Oz novel.

She exemplifies the core traits of the Jewish character and values of the Jewish people persistence and hard work, pursuit of excellence, intellectual curiosity, and a heartfelt desire to contribute to make the world a better place. The foundation said Ms. Portman’s award money would go to a number of women’s causes, promoting education, economic advancement, health and political participation. It said a “significant portion” of the funds would advance women’s equality in Israel.

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