Nepal rejects India’s offer to jointly remeasure Mt Everest

Nepal has rejected India’s offer to jointly remeasure the height of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest following the massive earthquake in 2015 and will carry out the exercise on its own. The 7.8 magnitude quake in April 2015 had devastated the Himalayan nation, killing more than 8,000 people and displacing lakhs of others.

The Survey of India, a 250-year-old institute under the DST, proposed re-measuring Mt Everest as an ‘Indo-Nepal Joint Scientific Exercise’ with Nepal’s survey department. India was the first country under Sir George Everest’s leadership as the Surveyor General of India to have declared the height of Mount Everest and establish it as the highest peak in the world in the year 1855.

1. Nepal will, however, seek help from India and China for getting crucial data for the exercise.
2. Sources in New Delhi indicated that China could be behind Nepal refusing India’s proposal.
3. After the 2015 earthquake, various doubts were raised by the scientific community over the height of the peak.

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