New plastic £10 note featuring Jane Austen unveiled

The note, which follows the polymer £5, will be issued on 14 September and has a portrait of Jane Austen on the 200th anniversary of the author’s death. It is also the first Bank of England note to include a tactile feature to help visually impaired people. A limited supply of a new £2 coin honouring Jane Austen has been put into circulation by the Royal Mint. The coin will initially only be available in tills at key locations in the Winchester and Basingstoke areas that have connections with Austen, including Winchester Cathedral and the Jane Austen House Museum.
The £10 note will be made of the same material as the £5 note, which means it also contains some traces of animal fat – an issue which caused concern for vegans and some religious groups when it was launched last September.

Safety features of new £10 note:-

1.A see-through window featuring the Queen’s portrait.
2.Winchester Cathedral shown in gold foil on the front of the note and silver on the back.
3.A quill at the side of the window which changes from purple to orange.
4.A hologram which contains the word “Ten” and changes to “Pounds” when the note is tilted.
5.A hologram of the coronation crown which appears 3D and multi-coloured when the note is tilted.
6.A book-shaped copper foil patch which contains the letters JA.
7.Micro-lettering beneath the Queen’s portrait with tiny letters and numbers that are visible under a microscope.
8.The words “Bank of England” printed in intaglio (raised ink) along the top of the note.

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