New Underground Water Treatment Plant in Agartala

In Tripura, a new underground water treatment plant was inaugurated on 23 September 2017 at Sadhutilla in southern part of Agartala with the support of the state Urban Development department. The plant mainly aims to fulfil the long cherished aspiration of people of drinking water that is free from iron and any other contamination.

According to the state Urban Development department, the total cost incurred for constructing the water treatment facility was around Rs 4 Cr and 99 lakh. It has been funded jointly by the Asian Development Bank with 70 per cent share of assistance and the Union Government with 30 per cent share of assistance.

1. It has treatment capacity of 4.8 million litres per day and will supply potable water to 2500 connections at households, schools, markets and institutions of 13 small residential settlements.
2. The plant will start by treating underground water collected through six deep tube wells of the Sadhutilla locality.
3. The main speciality of the plant is that it would be treating water at higher standards with minimizing turbidity and iron in water much below the permissible level.
4. It also has two Over Head Storage Reservoirs with capacities of 1,130 kilo litre and 450 kilo litre.
5. The plant also has the provisions for recycling sludge water and rain water harvesting.
6. The water treatment plant has been designed to treat surface water and deep tube wells.

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