NIC launches fourth data centre in Bhubaneswar

The technology backbone of the government – the National Informatics Center (NIC) – is launching its fourth data center in Bhubaneshwar on Monday to address the increased load from various new digital projects. NIC already has existing data centers in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune, which are already reached 75-80% of their capacity.

The server will cater to demand not just from the national projects but also from the state governments. It is also being looked as a disaster recovery zone for projects which are run out of centers in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad since it will be in a different seismic zone.

Emphasising the significance of the new national data centre, Prasad added that in the IT ecosystem, data centre adds to the digital clout of a state or location and raises its global profile. Data centre is important because data sanctity is important

NIC which currently has 4500 people is also planning to hire another 800 across various levels of the organisation with 350 dedicated specifically for Cybersecurity. the launch of the new government projects such as MyGov, Goods and Services Tax’s e-way Bill, Direct Benefits Transfer among others has increased the demand for compute, storage and networking.

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